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Dianna'S DARLING BJD's Ordering Page

Hey There!

We are getting a great response to the Launch of the Darling BJD Pre-order Edition.  This is a new experience for me although it has been a long time in the planning.  We have gotten a ton of Emails with many questions about ordering so I thought I would answer some of them for you now. If you have not discovered how to order your doll please note:  The pictures that you see when you open the gallery page are meant to help you choose the wig and  color of eyes you want to order with your doll.

If you click on a picture you will see the name of the item.  To order your doll, the wig and the color of eyes you simply scroll down to see the images at the bottom of the page which show the prices for the dolls and other items.  When you click on an item  you will be taken to an order page.  The eye order page and the wig order pages have a menu for you to select the color.  

Since this is the first time I have offered a limited Edition BJD from Island doll I don’t know how long it will take for them to make the dolls after we submit the quantity order.  I’m thinking it is bound to be much faster than it takes to get a custom painted Little Darling.  We will keep you updated when we know more.  

I have had a few Emails from folks who have not owned a BJD before with a slew of different questions.  You need to know that a BJD comes with a pair of eyes which you install in the head holding them in place with eye putty.  Most people who own BJDs like to change the eyes.  We plan to offer some guidance, for those who need help, on how this is accomplished.  The eyes have been specially sized to fit the Darling BJD.  We are offering the eyes in 5 colors.  

The wig is also separate.  I have selected 2 styles of wigs in 4 colors.  By the way I will be ordering silicon wig caps as a bonus item to include with these dolls.  

If you need to take a little more time to decide which wig and eye color you want, you can place the order for these items a bit later, but please don’t wait too long as I will have to place quantity orders in advance, in order to have the wigs and eyes on hand when the dolls are in. 

Thank you, dear collector, for your interest in my dolls.

Warm regards,

Dianna Effner

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