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Except for the glue, and a needle and thread, this kit contains everything you would need to make a Keepsake Playmate doll. It all comes packed in a foam lined, labeled, keepsake box that you can use for gifting, shipping, storage or display of your finished Keepsake Playmate.  Besides the bisque-kit of your choice and all the other supplies, you also get the body pattern with 11 pages of instructions and a tag which serves as your certificate of authenticity. See the bottom of the page for another surprise added bonus.

List of things that are included in the Deluxe Keepsake Playmate kit.


Box with label and foam liner pieces. • 1/4 yd. (1 fat quarter) flesh colored Doe Suede •One armature


1 bisque-kit (Choose Set in or Paintable Eyes - Head, arms, legs, shoulder plate) 

14 Page Full Color Body Pattern


One doll assembly kit including

1. 4 cable ties 

2. One length of elastic,

3. Fabric ( for padding the spine,) 

4. stocking, batting and stuffing, 

5. Steel shot (for weighting the body) 

6. Batting and polyfil (packed separately and used for wrapping the bisque parts in the kit)


Bonus: With the purchase of the Deluxe Keepsake Playmate kit you will also receive a link to access the video tutorials where Dianna demonstrates her painting techniques using air dry paints. Now you can paint your dolls without the use of a kiln!

The Deluxe Keepsake Playmate Kit  
(Doll making seminar in a box)

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