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Dianna Effner's Doll Dreamers Guild

Dianna loved to share her Talents and through her teaching, developed the Doll Dreamers Guild.  This immensely talented group continues to be the ambassadors of the Little Darling Brand.

Meet the Dream Guild Artists

Lynda's Bio Page.jpg
Lynda's email:
Lynda's WebSite:

Lee-Ann's Bio Page.jpg
Lee-Anne's email:
Lee-Anne's Instagram:  @leeannes.dolls
Lee-Anne's Etsy Shop:  dollsbyleeanne
Lee-Anne's Website:
Laura's Instagram:  @lauracortidolls
Laura's Etsy Page:  LauraCortiDolls
Magalie's Bio Page.jpg
Magalie's emal:
Magalie's WebSite:

Pat's email:
Joyce's email:
Joyce's WebSite:
April's Bio Page.jpg
Gwen's email:
Ashley's Bio Page.jpg
Ashley's Email:
Ashley's Instagram:  @little_darling_posies
Ashley's Ebay:  posies_and_things
Helen's Bio Page.jpg
Helen's email:
Nelly's Bio Page.jpg
Nelly's Email:
Nelly's Website:
Nelly's FB page:  NellyVLittleDarlings
Jana's Bio Page ACTUAL.jpg
Jana's Email:
Jana's FB & Instagram page:  Wixana's Doll House
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