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GERI's Little Darlings

Dear Doll Lovers,

Please allow me to introduce Master Doll Artist, Geri Uribe. Geri and I have been making dolls together for over 25 years! She came to work for me in April 1989 and the rest is history. I literally taught her everything I know. Now she knows more than I do because I've forgotten a lot! Geri is the one that answers the technical questions for Expressions customers on all phases of porcelain doll making. She's done it all! She has done many of her own porcelain editions and one of a kinds from my molds and she's always up for a new challenge. In 2007 when we first began importing our Little Darling vinyl dolls, Geri jumped in and learned to use Jo Sonja’s Artist colors to paint the dolls. Since then she has developed her own group of characters and has painted hundreds of custom Little Darlings for collectors as well. This page shows all the characters; the classics and favorites and some fresh faces too, that we are offering to be painted by Geri as the orders are accepted. Please enjoy getting to know Geri’s Little Darlings!! !

Doll-lightfully Yours,

Dianna Effner

Ordering Information

This Gallery allows you to see the beautiful characters that Geri has created.  Geri has a waiting list for her dolls that is currently approximately a 2 month wait.  To be added to the waiting list, please fill out a "Contact Us" form with your information.  

The cost of the dolls are $650.  A $100 deposit will reserve your precious LD.  Upon completion, an invoice will be sent for the remaining balance. Once paid in full, your LD will be packaged carefully and shipped directly to you. 

Included with your LD will be a wig and underwear.


If you want to customize from Geri's selection, (shape of lips/color, eye color, freckles/mole, shape of eyebrow) please email Geri at 

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